Services and history

Having spearheaded successful marketing campaigns for prominent brands like M1 Limited and Air New Zealand, we've collaborated with corporations like NTUC Health and Denticare to craft and manage their websites. Our portfolio extends to significant projects, including the development of Singapore's National Day Parade website in 2015 — a milestone for both the nation and us.

In every web development endeavour, we prioritise understanding your unique business processes, ensuring a customised digital translation. Our experienced project consultants and managers provide tailored recommendations to optimise your online operations.

Navigating the digital landscape may seem overwhelming, but our automated systems demand minimal hands-on involvement. We offer training and online guidance for users seeking to fine-tune their websites for optimal performance.

With over nine years of industry expertise, Blink Technologies has empowered numerous SMEs and MNCs, enhancing their online presence, streamlining internal operations, and boosting productivity. As official Google and Alibaba Partners, our commitment to excellence is unwavering.

People and culture

Our company values the importance of treating our employees like family. We believe that by fostering a supportive environment, we can encourage professional growth among our staff. Additionally, we understand the significance of work-life integration in achieving maximum productivity and engagement.

We strive to create a work culture that promotes a healthy balance between work and personal life. This not only allows our employees to excel in their careers but also ensures their overall well-being. We provide various support systems and benefits to facilitate a harmonious work-life integration for our team members. By prioritising the needs of our employees, we create a strong sense of loyalty and commitment within our organization.